Safety Street treats 1,000 children |

Safety Street treats 1,000 children

by Caryn Haller
Shannon LitzKasey Compton and son dressed as a bank robber and bag of money won for best adult costume at Trick-or-Treat Safety Street on Wednesday.

Super heroes, princesses, and pirates were popular costumes at Wednesday’s Trick-or-Treat Safety Street.

One unusual disguise was 8-year-old Josh Bodenstein dressed as a Magnacube, a magnetic ball set that can be configured into various shapes.

“I’m a Magnacube. It’s like a box and it’s fun. I like Halloween because it’s scary,” Josh said. “Saltwater taffy is my favorite candy. It tastes good.”

Close to 1,000 trick-or-treaters showed up in fashion to the CVIC Hall to take part in the 19th annual event sponsored by Douglas County Youth Services, The Record-Courier and other corporate sponsors.

Gardnerville sisters Janelle and Ali Askin had two very different costume preferences.

Janelle, 6, was a red Angry Bird, and 4-year-old Ali chose to be a pumpkin princess.

“I like Halloween because you can eat the candy,” Janelle said showing off her bounty of candy. “I really like licorice.”

For their mother, Nicole, Safety Street is a nice addition to trick-or-treating.

“We come every year,” she said. “It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s indoors out of the weather.

Wednesday’s wind, however, wasn’t going to stop the sisters from going door-to-door later with their father.

Barbara Bourne has brought her grandson, Evan, to safety street the last three years.

“This is so easy,” she said. “We live in the old part of the Ranchos where it is dark and spread out. This is such a good idea.”

Dressed as ghostbeard the pirate, 3-month-old Clifford Koep looked as though he was enjoying his first Halloween experience.

“It’s going good,” his father Mark said. “It’s a fun small-town Halloween event, and the baby loves people.”

In a throwback Lucile Ball costume complete with dress and red wig, Argia Brockway, 13, said she loves watching old Lucile Ball episodes.

“I think she is really funny,” Argia said. “I like the episode where she does a vitameatavegamin commercial.”

After visiting the 25 booths in the CVIC Hall, Argia was meeting up with her friend, Kaitlyn, who was dressed as Ethel for some trick-or-treating around Johnson Lane.

Raffles for bicycles, scooters, skateboards and books were given away during the night, and prizes were awarded to best family, child and adult costumes.

“It was really successful. We gave away all our bikes, scooters and skateboards,” Deputy Teresa Duffy said. “I think the vendors had a good time. I really thought it was a positive venture for all.”


Adult: Kasey Compton and son, bank robber and bag of money

Child:Charlie Fields, watering can

Family: The Lamb Family, Toy Story

Best Booth: Pro Group Management, Carson Valley Inn, Petsitters