Safe gun bill dangerous legislation |

Safe gun bill dangerous legislation


On April 17, 46 Senators halted perhaps one of the most dangerous attacks on America since Sept. 11, 2001. Senator Reid’s Senate Bill S649 was entitled the “Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act;” and the Title I and II amendments in the bill were widely touted as a necessary measure to insure that criminals and mentally ill people would not be able to purchase guns through the institution of a national background check system.

After it was defeated, the country was subjected to a dangerous and divisive haranguing by President Barack Obama, who repeated several times that “90 percent of the people want these background checks.” Absent from presidential and media discussion was any reference to the huge, already existing body of information that state and government Law Enforcement agencies already have available to them.

What these amendments to Senate bill 649 would have done is given the federal government control over local and state law enforcement information databases, establishing a new and very different power over American citizens, the transfer of local regulatory control to a small group of Justice Department individuals headed by the U.S. Attorney General and ultimately the president himself. This elite Federal clique would have authority to write regulations that would be instantly applicable to all citizens, regardless of state or local laws protecting citizen privacy.

I urge you to read for yourself the way these amendments, are worded: ( The provisions of this act are vague and ambiguous when it comes to honest acts of lawful citizens — particularly the wording of Title II, the, trafficking, amendment. The defeated amendment would have done nothing to prevent the kind of crime it was supposedly intended to prevent, but it would have opened the door to interpretations that would severely affect the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens.

The divisive and inflammatory language our president chose to use in his comments following the vote is especially troubling. There was no effort to bring together, no effort to move forward with a more thoughtful approach; only the inflammatory rhetoric of blame and condemnation, serving only to further divide and polarize this nation… a tactic that has sadly become a symbol of this administration.

Charles Evans