Saddened at Scolari’s loss |

Saddened at Scolari’s loss

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John Flaherty |


Upon hearing the news that our Gardnerville Scolari’s would be closing before the end of the month, many things went through my mind.

First of all was shock. This cannot be good for our community. I love that store and the wonderful employees. Three of my grandchildren got their first jobs after high school as courtesy clerks there. The employees have become like family to me. What will happen to their lives?

So, I got in my car and drove to the store to let those on duty know how I felt and how I would miss them and the store. Some had plans, others weren’t sure what the future would hold for them.

I could speculate the whys of the store closing, but don’t have facts. It has been a good store to the community, participating and contributing to many local events such as Relay for Life, angels, veterans poppy drive, scouting, etc. They let many organizations put tables in front of the store and sell their goods. They have been a good neighbor. I could ask anyone in the store a question and if they didn’t have the answer, they’d find someone who did. Always polite, kind and helpful. They knew their customers and would make you feel at home, always. If I needed a cardboard box for any reason, I could ask and get my needs met whenever possible.

The deli and bakery are top notch with quality, variety and prices. The produce and meats are fresh and priced good. If you can’t find something, just ask. The floral shop is very cooperative and willing to do specialty items. And, where can I get a more wonderful scoop of ice cream for the price than at Scolari’s. I have visiting friends and family who always ask “When are we going to Scolari’s for ice cream?” I love my senior discount day, too. Who doesn’t love a discount?

I would mention the employees by name, but am sure I would miss someone. So, I will just say to all of you, that your closing day will be a very sad day for me and I’m sure many others. I will miss you and wish everyone the best in their futures.

Beverly Giannopulos