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S-Curve good place for apartments

As Carson Valley’s economy starts to improve, the age-old problem of where people who work here are going to live arises.

When the Gardnerville Ranchos was created back in the mid-1960s, many of the new residents lived and worked at the Stateline casinos.

In those days, the casinos paid a substantial enough wage that people could purchase homes, not just in Carson Valley, but in Stateline, as well.

If anything, the Valley has developed as a bedroom community for Carson City and Lake Tahoe.

But like anyone with roots set, homeowners have always had a vested interest in what goes next door.

And apartments have always provided a flashpoint for that concern.

In what we think is a twist, a proposal for apartments in the S-curve at Gardnerville received only one protest. That was a call from the neighboring trailer park about the potential element attracted to downtown by more apartments.

The original concept for the apartments proposed for the former Sierra Gourmet Grill site reflected an interest in finally putting that property to work.

Adding commercial office space to the front of the property brings it into compliance with Gardnerville’s Plan for Prosperity.

A casual observer could be forgiven for wondering whether the additional office space is needed in Gardnerville, but it seems like an easy fix to get some housing people who actually work here require.

Improving that property will bring a necessary amenity to town in a place that has been vacant as often as it has been occupied since the turn of the century.