Rumbling bikes keep registers ringing |

Rumbling bikes keep registers ringing


Street Vibrations is a once a year event. It is published so you know when it is happening. If you don’t like loud pipes and good natured bikers, don’t sit out on the lawn in a direct route where the bikes will pass by and then complain about it. If you don’t like an annual event, either stay home or take a long weekend out of town to some quiet place you will enjoy. The loud motorcycles are carrying cash into Carson and Douglas counties, revenue we surely need. I did not see any letters of complaint from Genoa residents that are literally held hostage by Candy Dance and the influx of thousands of people into their small town, they welcome the once a year inconvenience because it is a transfusion of money for the town. Careful what you complaint about or want new regulations and laws, you might get your wish and a nice tax bump too.

Christeen Hanson