Ruhenstroth remains popular choice among resident for new entrance sign |

Ruhenstroth remains popular choice among resident for new entrance sign

Record Courier Staff Reports

We had another great turnout for the meeting on the design of a sign announcing the entrance to our neighborhood.

Thank you to all who braved the cold temperatures.

The design committee learned that no overhead signage is allowed over a public thoroughfare, which eliminated one of their choices. They took input from the attendees as well as the e-mail and phone responses that have been received.

They are fine-tuning the designs and eventually we would like to have as many residents as possible participate in the choosing of the final design.

As with any project of this type, it will take a while to get the background work done (i.e. right of way from county, state, or property owners; easements; liability issues; permit requirements, etc.).

Bravo to Doc and the members of the committee for all their time and effort! What a pleasure to work with each of you!

Of the names that have been suggested “Ruhenstroth Estates, Ruhenstroth Ranch(es), Ranches of Ruhenstroth, and Ruhenstroth” the most popular one up to now has been the simplest: Ruhenstroth.

Most of the people in the area refer to the neighborhood as Ruhenstroth so it seems appropriate it would be the leader at this time.

Please continue to send in your comments and votes so we have as much input as possible.

Other suggestions that came out of the meeting were that the year our neighborhood was formed be added to the sign (for example, Est. 1899) as well as a picture of a horse or several horses.

The issue of lighting continues to be a sticky subject and not one with an easy solution.

At the present time, the desire and dream is to position the sign in the light fallout of the streetlight at the corner. This would minimize the cost of the sign by eliminating the need to provide solar lighting since the solar panels can be quite expensive.

Also, by using the existing light, we would not be adding to an already volatile subject Ð lights which detract from viewing the night sky.

We would like to know if there are any attorneys in the neighborhood willing to help on this project.

There are bound to be legal questions that will surface, and we would like to know how to handle them properly.

If you would like to help, please contact me at 265-1947 or Doc Moody at 265-4653.

We will have another meeting around the middle of January and will try to contact as many residents, either through fliers or phone calls, once a date has been confirmed.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Have a Ramblin’ good week!

— Gail Davis can be reached with news and announcements by e-mail at HilltopRanch or by phone at 265-1947.