Romney loss not a big surprise |

Romney loss not a big surprise


As the late Sen. Moynihan said, “everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts.”

The shock expressed by many conservatives at the result of the election is not that all amazing, the surprise is the Romney campaign apparently being caught flatfooted.

Polls had consistently shown Obama with a lead in the swing states and with a 2-point lead in the national polls leading up to the election. I can understand conservative pundits dismissing them as “liberal” biased but not the campaign itself. There were too many polls showing Obama with the lead and the data generated by the campaigns should have been better than that of a Nate Silver, whose projections on the election turned out to be right on.

Conservatives are trying to understand why Romney lost, i.e. blame others, but Romney lost because the fringe part of the Republican Party (Tea Party) is out of touch with most Americans. The Southern Strategy put in place by Nixon has run its course (as Sen. Graham said, there are not enough old white men to elect a Republican president anymore), Republicans managed to offend just about every minority group out there with their self-deportation statements to calling them “takers” and alienating women by trying to redefine rape as anything but rape and by trying to legislate women’s healthcare.

If Republicans try to blame others for their defeat, or try to de-legitimize this election, they will not be addressing the trouble they have appealing to the majority of Americans, and they will find it harder and harder to win national elections.

The majority of Americans, and yes the majority (332 electoral votes, over 50 percent of the vote, successfully defending 25 senate seats plus picking up two and if not for re-districting, most likely would have taken back the House) want to (1) balance the budget in a shared manner (increase taxes on the top 2 percent as well as spending cuts (2) do not want to turn Medicare/Medicaid in a voucher program and (3) do not believe women belong back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.

The choice for Republican voters is whether they continue to get most of their facts from the pundits on Fox Cable News, and believe that Limbaugh is anything more than just an entertainer or not. Part of being an informed voter is listening to all sides, verifying what is told to you and then deciding who you believe is the best candidate and part of being an American is accepting the results of an election regardless of whether your candidates won or not.

Irene Rice