Rockin’ in the holidays |

Rockin’ in the holidays

by Jo Rafferty

People Editor

Carson Valley Residential Care Center residents rocked their way into Christmas this year.

On Friday, residents danced in front of a Christmas tree, loaded beneath with presents that were given by GE Energy employees through the Rocking Chair Program.

“I made plans to be here today,” said GE volunteer Kathy Johnson, as she watched four couples dance, one from a wheelchair, to “A Christmas Song.”

“We have a tree in our cafeteria,” she said. “(CVRCC activities director Carol Wilson) sent us a list of names. This year was kind of different because a couple residents said ‘surprise me.'”

GE Energy has participated in the Rocking Chair Program for five years. The tree in the cafeteria has rocking chair ornaments hanging on it, each with a name and suggested gift listed.

“We’ve been blessed to have GE do this for us again,” said CVRCC director Karen Perry, who presented Johnson with a certificate of appreciation. This year GE donated 73 presents.

“Well, thank you very much,” said Johnson. “We really enjoy doing this.”

Residents smiled as Santa Claus, aka the center’s volunteer reader Tom Cheney, handed them their gifts, assisted by center employees dressed like elves.

“I just put ‘surprise me’ on the card,” said Stewart Liddell, 62, who received candy and a summer sausage.

Ellen Miller, 88, thought maybe Santa had inside information, as she looked over her body wash and socks.

“That’s a good gift,” she said. “It’s practical stuff. I use this. I didn’t ask for it. Maybe they called my daughter.”

Betty Lee, 90, sat in the back of the room. Someone had purchased her some envelopes and a gift pack of lotions and shampoos.

“I asked for business envelopes because I’m always running out of them,” said Lee, adding that she was enjoying the Christmas party.

“I think it’s great,” she said.

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