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Riverwood lingers on in legal limbo

The ongoing saga of the Riverwood project on the Carson-Douglas County line looks like it will be extended for another chapter or two.

Douglas County commissioners will be asked Thursday to extend an agreement that will delay the statute of limitations on the case filed Nov. 1, 2010, until cases before the Nevada Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals can be heard.

Those cases are part of the tangled mess that left a big chunk of the north face of Indian Hills dug up, where it greets visitors to Douglas County every day.

A redevelopment agreement first approved in 2006 would have paid developers of 30,000 square feet of retail space $24.7 million in redevelopment money.

We agree that the development across from Riverwood was a success. But looking at the taxable sales over the past decade indicates that Douglas County isn’t making much more than it was before the Clear Creek and Carson Valley plazas opened. Part of that is due to the recession, but a good chunk is attributable to the emptying out of storefronts in our commercial core down in Minden and Gardnerville.

Last year commissioners signed an agreement that ended that part of the redevelopment, but there is still more to go.

The remaining portion of the project that prompted the piling up of 220,000 cubic yards of dirt on the remaining 92 acres is still to be settled, and has a long litigious path before it.

The last Douglas County grand jury decided that the county gave up too much in the Riverwood project to get too little. We feel that like a gambler on a winning streak, Douglas bet big, and lost big.