Response to TCC assertions |

Response to TCC assertions

Jerry J. Bing

The Legislative Select Committee will hear the proposal on forming Tahoe County. Committee members will be looking at this issue as to the statewide ramifications as well as the precedent it will be setting in removing the prime commercial core from any county to form a separate county. We all know that each area of a county does not support itself, for that matter various counties in the state do not support themselves. That is the reason that the state collects taxes and redistributes them. And yes, I am sure taxes from the Lake portion of Douglas County are used to support the Valley portion of Douglas County, but in years past, indeed, the Valley supported the Lake.

Having listened to a presentation by Mike Jabara on May 28, I was compelled to write this letter to comment on some of the misinformation being presented at this meeting.

n The Lake only had one county commissioner in 1980.

Not true. They had two.

n In the future, the Lake will not have representation on the commission.

Not true. Even if they do not have the population to have their own exclusive commissioner, they will be included in a district and can elect someone who lives at the Lake.

n Incline was able to grow because they already had assessor’s parcel numbers in place.

Not true. Round Hill as well as other subdivisions in Douglas County, had assessor’s parcel numbers, but lots were purchased by the Forest Service for preservation.

n Schools at Lake Tahoe have not received the fair share, based on taxes paid.

The population growth has been in the Valley and more classrooms were needed – this is true. However, a middle school was built at Lake Tahoe when it was not needed, just to spread the spending. The Lake has the advantage of 10 and 12 to a classroom, making for a better education. It should be noted that the recent test scores showed the Lake Tahoe students scored higher overall than the Valley students. I do not feel better-looking facilities help the children’s education.

n Douglas County has not fought the TRPA or pushed for commercial expansion.

Not true. Douglas County was the only county that vigorously fought TRPA for years. It was Lake Tahoe and the major properties at the Lake that said back off, maybe we will get more if we cooperate.

n The water taxes are not being distributed fairly. They are not receiving any money.

This is true; however, all the GIDs, including the ones in the Valley, have not received any of the funds to date. However, I understand the new commission has a new philosophy and they have allocated $600,000 from the 210 fund to resolve some of the Lake water problems.

In conclusion, I would like to say I resent being told that this move will be good for the people in the Valley as well as the Lake, when anyone who has had anything to do with county finances knows two governments cost more than one!

I resent being told this is not going to be another bureaucracy, when we all know all governments become a bureaucracy.

And finally, we all know taxes are not fair; however, they are appropriated by the counties and the state as fairly as possible and where the needs exist.

Please look at this issue closely and ask yourself why is so much money being spent on this effort?

Editor’s note: Jerry J. Bing is a former Douglas County commissioner and a Gardnerville Ranchos resident.