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Respect property

Lynn Janssen, Johnson Lane


Having lived here for 22 years, I have tried to maintain the “wild” environment of my property, particularly the front part. With this in mind, my husband and I fenced only the lawn part to keep the mustangs off, but he left the front one-fourth open, with the only alteration being a berm placed across the property. Through the years, horses, coyotes and other wild things have come up to the fence, by way of the berm.

Having never had any type of problems with animals or people destroying any part of the property, it came as a shock when I saw that bicyclists and dirt bikers were riding their vehicles over the berm and destroying a bull skull that was used as decoration.

I imagine that people will think this is a petty letter since the majority of people will think that their children “wouldn’t do that,” but rest assured, they would. I can’t blame the kids, because of the temptation to do wheelies and whatever else they can do on the berm. However, I do blame the parents who don’t explain that private property is not meant to be their children’s private playground.

I have to fence my front property now, because even though I have spoken to the parent of one child whose friend was on my property, my private property is still being invaded.

Parents, the land that you buy is your private domain. How would you like to have your private property destroyed by children whose parents don’t teach them respect of other people’s property?