Resolving not to mix up my Pauls in new year |

Resolving not to mix up my Pauls in new year

Editor Kurt Hildebrand
Jay Aldrich

I took a little razzing at the Courthouse on Monday for misidentifying East Fork Constable Paul Gilbert as Paul Howell.

“If I’d known you were sensitive about it I would have doubled down,” outgoing East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins said.

The constable took it in stride, saying they got a few calls that morning. As he pointed out I’ve typed Paul Howell’s name many times over the past year, but only wrote about him a few times during the year, which I get the feeling is how he likes it.

Fencelines columnist Marie Johnson is taking an indefinite sabbatical from writing for The R-C.

I believe I found Marie’s first column, published Jan. 9, 1999, which makes it 20 years writing about Carson Valley ranches.

“I’ve been told a good rancher keeps his eyes and ears open and his mouth and gates shut,” she wrote. “If ranchers in the neighborhood keep to the ‘mouth shut’ practices, folks will forget about us.”

Sheila Gardner was running The R-C when she started, and she lasted through four editors before I came on in 2004.

I for one won’t miss 2018, which saw my second bout with lymphoma in two years.

I spent most of October, November and the first week of December in Sacramento receiving a stem cell transplant to try to knock the thing down for good.

As of December, I’m in remission, but I’m always a little suspicious of good news.

Joyce Hollister was my caregiver during my treatment, and she and Gim drove me over the Sierra several times, as well, earning my undying gratitude. Gardnerville resident Joe Finnegan and former resident Maggie Marshall also drove me.

Sheila Gardner and Alice Price and George and Judy Keele visited me in the hospital.

There’s a big display of the sympathy cards I received from folks on my book case. Their support and our readers’ patience are two things I will never take for granted. It’s a constant reminder to me that this is a wonderful place to live, and to never take that life or my duty to this community for granted.

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