Republicans offer absentee ballots |

Republicans offer absentee ballots


The Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus is scheduled for February 4, 2012. A unique feature of this Caucus is that absentee ballots will be made available to our military and their dependents stationed outside of the county in which they are registered. Nevada’s Republican Party is the first in the nation to adopt caucus rules providing for this opportunity.

In order to participate, registered Republican service personnel and dependents stationed outside of Douglas County may submit the address at which they can be reached most efficiently to the Douglas County Republican Headquarters office located at 1615 N. Highway 395, Suite B Minden, NV 89423, 782-4467. This information must be transmitted as soon as possible so that a letter of information and voter oath can be sent in time for the absentee ballot to be supplied and a timely vote to be cast in the Caucus.

You can facilitate this process by getting in touch with individuals serving our country, or their families, and passing along this information. By doing so you could be instrumental in giving a voice in the selection of the Republican presidential candidate to military personnel deserving that voice.

Maggie Benz, Chairman

Douglas Republican County Central Committee