Republicans in trouble |

Republicans in trouble


As the Republicans bemoan their latest drubbing, they look to why people don’t like them. Nevertheless they plan to change those ways. Really.

They fumble to search for a scandal: Benghazi attacks, Affordable healthcare law, IRS investigations on tea party groups, taping of the press’s phones and the president’s childrens’ vacations.

The black helicopter conspiracy folks and the deficit tea braggers search for someone, or thing to blame. Guess who they pick every time? President Obama. Why? Because they don’t see him as the legitimate president, even though he won large majorities every time he ran for office. “Well,” they say, “that must have been fixed. Obama must have given gifts for people’s votes.”

Obama is smart, compassionate, and is an example of what any American can become.

The RNC is running a commercial on how they have blocked the president on gun background checks, a position 90 percent of the people wanted and 54 senators voted for, and in this great advertisement they show the president holding a mother of one of the victims from the Sandy Hook murders.

Republicans take a victory lap every time they halt progress.

“Conciliation is not capitulation, nor is compromise to be deemed equivalent to imbalance concession,” said Jalal Talabani. Compromise is not doing what you want. It is doing what is right.

The GOP is becoming a party of voters who gain all information from screaming people on the radio or Fox News.

They are people who are proudly ignorant about economy, policy, science, gay marriage and other cultures. This new concept the right wing is using to devalue teachings of evolution, global warming and education in public schools. Someone needs to share with these folks that this is the 21st century and not everyone is a Christian, believes in Intelligent Design or for that matter believes in a god.

They say we are having a debate. No folks the facts are in. You are wrong.

Stuff that cannot be proven and has no evidence should not be debated.

These conspiracies that the moral majority is using to recruit more closed and easily persuaded minds. If this is an example of home schooling and what they teach their children about the rest of the world, then yes we are falling back and not moving forward.

We stand up to vote for Sandy Relief, background checks, promote Headstart, meals on wheels, invest in medical research and give assistance to the less fortunate. We don’t say we can’t afford these things because we can’t afford not to because that would be un-American.

Jerry Denis Sullivan