Removing 20 tons of trash from Pine Nuts |

Removing 20 tons of trash from Pine Nuts

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On June 1, the Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association organized and sponsored our annual cleanup of garbage illegally dumped in the Pine Nut Mountain Range. This year we staged at the BLM kiosk and staging area called “Single Tree” on Pine Nut Road No. 2 near the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

With a huge amount of help from the Sierra Stompers four-wheel drive club we were able to remove 39,320 pounds of garbage in one day. This weight total is from the scales at the Douglas Disposal Transfer Station.

The Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association, as well as everyone that recreates in the Pine Nuts owes a thank you to these companies that supported the cleanup.

Douglas Disposal for two 33yd Dumpsters and their removal;

V & C Construction for equipment and operators;

Bings Materials for equipment and operators;

Pizza Factory (Gardnerville Ranchos) for delivering our pizzas to Single Tree;

And the many locals who care and came out to help.

Without their support, we truly could not have cleaned up our local back country as well as we did.

Doug Holcomb


Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association