Remember When for Oct. 12 |

Remember When for Oct. 12

120 years ago

October 9, 1891

Last Sunday night a mob made a raid on the China wash house in Genoa, completely demolishing it. No one seems to know who the guilty parties are, or who incited the move. One “man” received a bad gash over one eye in the fight. The house belonged to L. Gilman.

95 years ago

October 13, 1916

L. Ruhenstroth, who last spring purchased the Rodenbah ranch is planning many improvements to the property. Among these are the installation of an electric dynamo at the power house and the building of a new ditch to be taken out of the river above the dam now being constructed by the Douglas Milling and Power Company.

80 years ago

October 9, 1931

Out of 30 or more deer hunters that took to the hills on the west side of Carson Valley when the season opened Sunday morning; but three were successful, according to reports. Ed Berning who with Henry Dryer, hunted back of Jacks Valley, bagged a three-pointer early and was back home at breakfast time. Frank Settelmeyer brought down a four-point buck near Willow Flat back of Blackburn’s station and one of the Walker brothers was likewise successful.

50 years ago

October 12, 1961

Residents of the area north of Johnson Lane rejected the tentative name “Idle Acres” at a meeting last Friday in the Minden courthouse, and accepted instead “Saratoga” as the title for their area.

25 years ago

October 9, 1986

The race for district judge marks a decision for Douglas County voters similar to the one that confronted Gov. Richard Bryan only 18 months ago. It was in 1985 when candidates Dave Gamble and Lester Berkson first saw themselves matched as two of the three finalists considered in the search to replace District Judge Howard McKibben. Also named was Carson City attorney Mel Beauchamp.

10 years ago

October 10, 2001

After a year in the works, plans for a multi-functional Douglas County Community Center will be unveiled today. The three-phase center, estimated to cost between $15 and $20 million, will be presented as a conceptual idea with no solid plans to build, said Scott Morgan, community services director for Douglas County.

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