Remember when for Nov. 25 |

Remember when for Nov. 25

95 years ago

Nov. 27, 1914

It was Mrs. Anna Jensen who slew her husband, prosperous rancher of Reno George R. Jensen, Sunday morning in the field within sight of his home, sending a bullet from his own revolver crashing through the back of his neck to instantly take away his life. She shot him, she said, because she thought he intended to desert her. Others were mixed up with it too, and she said that she made up her mind in the early dawn of that last morning that if they were to part it would be death that would part them.

80 years ago

Nov. 29, 1929

Items: People owning valuable dogs are warned to keep them home. Any stray dogs found on my ranch will be shot on sight. H.H. Jacobsen

There will be turkey shoot at the Chas. Fulstone ranch in Jacks Valley next Sunday. Four shots for $1.00. Last Sunday the boys took home fifteen birds. Your chances are good.

A turkey and chicken shoot will be held each Sunday afternoon at the Brockliss Brothers ranch on the West side of the Valley. Come and get your turkey for Thanksgiving.

For sale. Second hand piano. Price fifty dollars cash. Apply at this office.

50 years ago

Nov. 26, 1959

Fish and plant life along approximately 10 miles of the East Carson River, one of Nevada’s finest fishing streams has been killed by a flush of acid and silt-bearing water. The damage took place sometime early last week and is believed to have resulted from the sudden release of an unusual amount of water from ponds at the Leviathan sulfur mine, located in neighboring Alpine County near the Nevada state line. Test showed the water contained sulphuric acid and a large amount of orange-colored silt bearing iron precipitates. Both are poisonous to fish life.

25 years ago

Nov. 22, 1984

A group of Valley residents have banded together in an effort to bring an enclosed, year-round swimming pool – able to accommodate the needs of senior citizens, handicapped people, youths and adults – to the area. Leonard Ludel, a retired Gardnerville man who found the American School of Diamond Cutting, has been rallying residential support the past few months to build a pool at Lampe Park.

10 years ago

Nov. 20, 1999

At the last census, Nevada was the sixth worst undercounted state in the country, according to Census Bureau representative Dave Byerman. He said the undercounting in 1990 cost Nevada at least $200,000 in loss of federal programs and revenues. He said each of the estimated 272 million people residing in the United States brings in $670 per year. “So if we even miss one family of four, the state loses more than $25,000 in that 10-year census period.”

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