Remember When for March 22 |

Remember When for March 22

120 years ago

March 19, 1897

Inferred by the fact that the nerves communicate by their vibrations or movements, which are at the rate of 98 feet per second and electricity moves in a copper wire at the rate of 288,000 miles per second, it is possible that a strong current of electricity kills a man before his nerves can make him conscious of the shock.

100 years ago

March 23, 1917

Bob Yam was charged with speeding in the Justice Court Monday and was fine fined $10.

80 years ago

March 19, 1937

“Officers, a few nights ago, arrested a sheepherder for making a U turn in the middle of the block.” If you didn’t get it the first time, try again.

50 years ago

March 23, 1967

A flat tire halted three Lyon County teenagers in Minden, after eluding two blocks in a 115-mile per hour 50-mile chase.

25 years ago

March 22, 1992

Pat Mulreany is an Irishman who decided he wanted to relearn the language of his homeland so he created an entire computer program to teach the Irish language.


March 22, 1997

County commissioners directed staff to dip into the county’s water 210 fund, which hasn’t been touched since its formation in 1989, to fund regional water projects.

10 years ago

March 23, 2007

Douglas High School was selected by the Army for a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training corps unit starting in the 2007-08 school year according to the offices of Sen. John Ensign, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Dean Heller.

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