Remember when for Jan. 25 |

Remember when for Jan. 25

120 years ago

Jan. 22, 1892

The county commissioners have fixed the tax levy at $2.25 on each $100 valuation. In doing so the increase in the valuation set by the state has been taken into consideration.

95 years ago

January 26, 1917

The Record-Courier learns that many men and women who signed the prohibition petition presented to the Nevada Legislature are about to take steps to have their names taken from the document. Already two women and one man from this county have written to the Secretary of State or Legislature to have their names taken from the petition claiming that they did not fully understand the complete meaning of the document at the time they affixed their signatures.

80 years ago

January 22, 1932

With all mining operations shut down at Bodie, thirteen families are awaiting the opening of the roads in order to go to other localities. A tractor has been used between Bridgeport and Bodie to haul supplies to those residing in the snow-bound camp.

50 years ago

January 25, 1962

While most of the areas in northwestern Nevada were recording good or phenomenal growth in the number of businesses during the period 1956-1961, Carson Valley businesses actually declined in number, and the county as a whole showed only a nominal increase.

25 years ago

January 29, 1987

President Reagan will be receiving an invitation to visit a class of 4th graders at Gardnerville Elementary School. The students also sent him their thoughts on peace. Teacher Bob Rajs assigned his students to write “peace paragraphs” conveying their ideas in words and pictures on what they can do to attain peace.

10 years ago

January 26, 2002

Two Nevada businessmen envision clip-clopping horses pulling tourists in carriages along the Truckee River and through downtown Reno. Del Tanner and Len Semas, owners of Minden-based Hoofbeat Ltd., hope to start with 12 carriages this fall and expand to 24 carriages working downtown Reno by the spring of 2003.

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