Remember when for Jan. 12 |

Remember when for Jan. 12

95 years ago

Jan. 14, 1916

Since January 1st the women of Nevada, who are past 21 years of age, are eligible as jurors. This was decided at Tonopah a few days ago at which time the commissioners were selecting veniremen for the year. The county clerk put the question to Attorney-General Thatcher who ruled that Nevada women who are of the age are now qualified as jurors. It is not improbable that some of the local female gender may be called upon to serve in the jury box during this year.

80 years ago

Jan. 16, 1931

Talkies to be made for homes. Nevadans who prefer to spend their evenings at home will be interested in the bulletin from Harold Lafount, federal radio commissioner, which declares talking motion pictures for the home will be introduced on a national scale with the next few months. The next step is television, although no one can foretell when it will become a practical medium of entertainment.

50 years ago

Jan. 12, 1961

The Douglas County Liquor Board has reapproved some 40 liquor licenses and nearly 20 gaming licenses for the coming year. Establishments whose on-sale liquor licenses were renewed: Bamboo Hut, Overland Hotel Bar, Pyrenees Hotel, French Hotel, Ritchford Hotel, Joyland Bar, Golden Bubble, East Fork Hotel, J-T Bar in Gardnerville; Pony Express and Minden Inn in Minden; Harrah’s Club and Wagon Wheel in Stateline; and Genoa Bar, Stockmen’s Club, Valley Bar, Walley Hot Springs, Lazy Y.

25 years ago

Jan. 9, 1986

A San Francisco development company said this week it plans to build a Warehouse Market, a super drug store, and 12 to 15 retail stores at Waterloo Lane and U.S. 395 in Gardnerville. Joey Scolari, Warehouse Market Inc. general manager, called the site a good piece of property in that it was in the center of town. “We feel the area is going to keep growing.”

10 years ago

Jan. 10, 2001

Photo caption. Chester Ott, council president from Trinity Lutheran Church, drops branches from the church’s Christmas tree. The church cuts the branches off the tree and turns the tree into a cross for Easter.

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