Remember When for 9-22 |

Remember When for 9-22

95 years ago

Sept. 24, 1915

Ten or 15 years ago hundreds of wild horses roamed over the hills in the Pine Nut range. Vaqueros, who rode in that section some 15 or 20 years ago, have great tales to tell of the cunningness and beauty of some of the stallions. Wild stallions fought and killed each other and only the mightiest survived. Today one may ride for miles and miles through the former haunts of the Pine Nut mustang without seeing a single horse and in fact the animals are about extinct.

80 years ago

Sept. 26, 1930

Schell Bros. four big ring circus is featuring the Amazon monster with 127 young alive. The South American Indians estimate its age at 500 years. It weighs nearly half a ton, is 18 feet in length. Not an ordinary giant alligator but a survivor of the prehistoric past when giant lizards rule the Earth. Never before and never again will you have the opportunity to see this massive saurian.

50 years ago

Sept. 22, 1960

The candelabra is lit again the South Shore Room of Tahoe Harrah’s, signaling the return of Mr. Showmanship, Liberace. As in the past, Liberace has surrounded himself with a fine troupe of performers. With him this time are the Spanish Ballet Trianas, Anden’s Poodles and the June Taylor Dancers. Liberace takes the center spotlight in “something a little more spectacular.” His outfit has diamond buttons that spell out “Liberace” and is set off by two diamond rings – one a candelabra and the other a piano.

25 years ago

Sept. 19, 1985

The Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District began work on a $4.5 million improvement project last week that will fix part of the sewer system damaged by a series of illegal toxic waste discharges and will add a storage reservoir for 630 acre-feet of treated wastewater. The $2.5 million reservoir, scheduled for construction on 81 acres north of the plant, will enable the district to stop discharging its effluent into the East Fork of the Carson River and to start applying it to farm land.

10 years ago

Sept. 23, 2000

Ormsby House officials told employees they will be laid off by Thanksgiving while the hotel/casino is shut down for an estimated nine months for massive renovations affecting every square inch of the 10-story structure. Owners Al Fiegehen and Don Lehr will close the Ormsby House in November with hopes to open a five-star hotel by the Fourth of July. Lehr shudders at the word “close.” He prefers “suspension of operation.”

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