Remember veterans today and every day |

Remember veterans today and every day

The news that World War I ended arrived in Carson Valley at 8 a.m. Nov. 11, 1918.

According to R-C Editor Bert Selkirk, Station Agent H.A. Meder received a flash over the telegraph wire that Germany had signed the armistice and fighting would cease at 11 a.m.

“He telephoned the news to many in this community, and while many were afraid that the news was too good to be true, a few hours later, when President Woodrow Wilson announced the signing of the armistice the word was passed from mouth to mouth and the telephone wires carried the news to practically every home in the Valley.”

The news was at the top of the page along with a letter from Genoa doughboy Carl Syll, who was serving in France with the 91st Division.

There was also news of the influenza epidemic that forced the county to require residents to wear masks and converted the high school in Gardnervillle into an infirmary.

The news of the plague competed with the war news for months in 1918. Walter Elges dying was right next to the story that Germany was ready to sue for peace and the election results, in the Nov. 8 edition of The R-C. Selkirk also published a letter from Capt. George Springmeyer.

The names of the brave souls who fought in what was hoped to be the war to end all wars are memorialized at the county courthouse.

Of course it wasn’t the last war, but we remember it today, recognizing the people who’ve served and in many cases died in the cause of our freedom.

Remember Veterans Day by thanking a veteran and remembering all those who purchased our freedom with their blood.