Reid not good for state |

Reid not good for state


Mr. James Brown writes that we should keep Harry Reid in office because he has power in the Senate.

Each state has two senators, sir, and while there are positions of power, the senate was set up to give each state equal voting power as opposed to the proportional power we see in the House.

We don’t need to “keep the most powerful man in the Senate” there is precedent for dumping guys like Reid who favor party over what’s in the national interest.

Remember Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle? South Dakota dumped him and the Senate elected a new majority leader. Guess what? The next day the sun rose and everything was just fine in that august body.

No, Harry Reid isn’t good for Nevada or the United States. Harry’s only good for the Democrat partys agenda of enslaving everyone under the yoke of total government control. Harry “the war is lost!”

Reid good for Nevada? This independent doesn’t think so.

By the way, ever wonder how Harry has enriched himself on the salary of a Senator? I have and I’m still wondering about that one.

No Mr. Brown, I’d take any house wife out of any store and have her as a freshman Senator before I’d vote to re-elect Reid. Wake up and smell the taxes – there a coming.

Ron Landmann