Reid against mariners |

Reid against mariners


Sen. Harry Reid has become a expert in editing. He continues to beat Sharron Angle over the head with his edited political ads. Reid has nothing to offer in his behalf so he resorts to untruths. Now he has a new political ad portraying himself as a god-send for veterans. Please get on your computer and search U.S. House Bill HR 23. In 2006 I requested and received my discharge. My Honorable Discharge now hangs on my den wall.

I wrote a letter to Reid and Ensign requesting they bring the bill up for vote. I received the same letter from both stating they could not back this bill because it would create a special group. The Merchant Mariners are certainly a special group. More men were lost (percentage wise) than any other branch of the armed forces. Yes the merchant marines were special- we received crap. Oh I told a fib. When I turned 83 years of age I received a letter offering me classes, yes educational classes. This bill still sits on Reid’s desk or maybe in the round file by now. If 10,000 mariners lived in Nevada he probably would bring the bill up for a vote – that would give him 10,000 votes in Nov. 2 (there are only 10,000 World War II Mariners still alive). 

Reid is for Harry Reid and his political soft seat, not the American people. If interested in the type of one hand/one finger salute Reid has for the American people check out

William Lepore Sr.