Reedy will tell the truth |

Reedy will tell the truth


I attended the recent Douglas County Republican Women’s luncheon and candidate forum. One candidate stands out — Robin Reedy, running for Assembly District 39.

Robin has the experience and temperament to represent our area with integrity, honesty and the willingness to work hard. She will always tell us the truth; that’s just who she is. I have known her for approximately 15 years and believe she has the talent and respect of fellow legislators to be offered a leadership role once elected.

The other candidate claimed several things during his time at the microphone. They defied belief, for good reason. They were not true. He said that “a couple of his bills passed their committees” but didn’t receive votes in the entire Assembly. Not true. He had six ideas for bills (only five of which were drafted). Of those, three got committee hearings and none came out of committee. This is a matter of public record that you can review at the Legislature’s website.

He also claimed that the National Rifle Association has given him an A+ rating. Again, not true. The NRA has not even issued their endorsements or ratings as yet. You should know that Robin is a life member of the NRA and strongly supports our Second Amendment rights.

The third item concerned the Governor’s veto of a bill that would have required us to register all of our weapons purchases, no matter what. He claimed that the Governor actually asked him how he might veto the bill and that he helped craft the veto message. The Governor’s office, informed of this claim, said that all veto messages were drafted entirely by their internal staff and that the opponent’s claim was false.

Integrity matters. Truth matters. Experience matters. If these matter to you, as they do to me, your choice is clear.

Vote for Robin Reedy for Assembly District 39 in the June 10 primary.

Harold Willard

Jacks Valley