Reason not winning out |

Reason not winning out


I would like to thank Barbara Zaroff for her definition of socialism. I hope this brings some insight to those who don’t understand what it stands for. I have found, having previously submitted a response to William Barwig, that most people who oppose socialism don’t even understand what it stands for. When I speak up for those of us who believe in the idea of Socialism it is met with aggressive name calling instead of intelligent and informed discussion. Unfortunately this is the product of discussing politics. Opinions, beliefs, and ideals are not discussed and shared, they are put down, forced upon others, and leave a residual bad taste in one’s mouth much like drinking a diet beverage. It is a sad state of affairs that we have become so unreasonable that we cannot discuss our political ideals without inciting an aggressive, even angry, response. No wonder our government isn’t functional. It is a true representation of the opinions and feelings of the general public. Very few citizens can agree, compromise, or even discuss this country’s issues without aggression so why should we expect any better from our leaders? What I thought was the start of an intelligent discussion was quickly turned into a name calling episode when William Barwig responded to my response to his statements. I was pleased to see Barbara Zaroff’s response. I’m not sure what her political beliefs are but she is at least informed about politics. In Mr. Barwig’s original letter he wrote that of the three types of Americans there was one that was “psuedo-American” because they were misinformed. Obviously that is the category (of his own making) that he falls in. Thank you to those who are informed and have legitimate arguments for their beliefs (whatever they may be) rather than name calling. They are the ones who are truly trying to make this country’s aggressively charged political atmosphere respectable and interesting.

Jennifer Jenkins