Real leadership |

Real leadership


“Empty promises, countless cliches and nonspecific claims” – some people will say anything to get elected.

The test of real leadership centers on honesty, integrity and actions that promote the best interests of the community.

Leaders strive to achieve what they said they would do.

Four years ago, I said I would bring critical thinking skills to the decision-making process and adopt a more business like approach to governing.

I advocated for: Strengthening our financial policies, controlling expenditures in an environment of declining revenues through performance audits and priority based budgeting. I promoted professional investment management and the implementation of a county wide strategic plan.

I have brought experienced financial leadership to the commission.

Four years ago, I said the “business as usual” approach to governing had to stop. To that end, I called for the resignation of the previous county manager in 2007. Today we have a management team that I believe is second to none. As a county, we are well positioned to address the challenging financial issues we face as a community.

Having raised my family in Carson Valley and as a small business owner for over 23 years in Douglas County, I am committed to preserving and protecting the quality of life in our community. I will continue to advocate for sound business practices and for a government that is responsive to the needs of our residents. For the past six years, I have drawn on my background in law enforcement, finance, and public administration to make the best decisions possible for Douglas County. I look forward to serving the residents of our community for four more years. I would appreciate your vote and support on Nov. 2.

David J. Brady

Commissioner District 2