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Rate increase unnecessary

Stuart Posselt


The proposed Douglas County Sewer Utility increase scheduled to be considered by the Board of Commissioners on March 1 is unnecessary. In fact, if the commissioners did the right thing, the rates can be reduced.

Why should the existing customers pay for the unused facilities – the debt service, operations, and depreciation?

When the citizens raised the issue which stated that the county code stated it “Will charge a standby fee,” the county refused, and changed “standby fee” for vacant subdivided lots to “availability fee” and set it at $0.

Based on the numbers from the county’s own records, if the county had collected the standby fee as required or set the availability fee at a minimal $10 per month the proposed increase would be unnecessary to provide the system revenue increase from this proposal. It they had set it at $20 the existing customers could get an $18 per month reduction while still maintaining the system revenue sought.

The builder supported majority of the commissioners wants to sock it to the existing customers.