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Ranchos barn is history

The 80-year-old barn that has been a landmark visible from the northern entrance to the Gardnerville Ranchos was torn down without much fanfare on New Year’s Eve.

We’ve done some digging and the barn, besides losing a portion of the roof in the big windstorms a few years back, wasn’t particularly noteworthy.

But it did sit on a parcel that had been in the news on a couple of occasions since the beginning of the century.

A proposal to build a church on the 5.43-acre property back in 2008 prompted so much controversy that you’d think the congregation wanted to put up a slaughterhouse.

As part of the approval of the church, proponents said the barn would be preserved.

A slimmed down version of the church was approved, but the property was sold back to the owners in 2011 for $300,000. Fast-forward to June 2019 after the property was converted from one-acre to half-acre lots and according to the Douglas County Recorder’s website, the property sold for $1 million, barn, 50-year-old house, shed, garage and all.

The folks who purchased that property apparently weren’t in the mood for a debate over the barn’s survival and were under no obligation to alert neighbors they planned to take it down.

And given how people react to this sort of thing, we’re not surprised.

It seems lots of folks are willing to share what they think about tearing down an old structure, but very few are willing to turn those opinions into hard cash.

On the day after Christmas, the Carson City Historical Society posted a plea on Go Fund Me to raise the $100,000 needed to move the former Adele’s to a new site.

In the two weeks since the effort’s announcement, a total of $3,875 has been raised. Built in 1874, the downtown Carson fixture is clearly of more historical significance, if only as one of the capital’s dearest restaurants.

If that’s the response to the loss of Adele’s, what hope would anyone have raising $100,000 to save a barn whose most historical contribution might just be its existence?