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Railway split seems weighted

Members of the V&T Railway Commission are planning to send a letter to Douglas County asking for $45,000 to help keep the V&T running between Virginia City and Carson.

The commission has $186,000 in the bank to support the train, which costs $250,000 a year to keep going.

Nevada Statute Chapter 566 established the commission for the reconstruction of the V&T in 1993.

Under that law, the commission is obligated to adopt a budget for its operation and for each project it proposes for presentation to each of the governing bodies of the member counties.

“Each budget must be accompanied by a proposed allocation of the net cost of the budget among the governing bodies.”

The second clause of the section on budgeting says that upon final determination and allocation of the costs by agreement of the governing bodies, each body will include its portion in their budget.

V&T commissioners said the train is definitely a draw for Washoe County, and we assume that Douglas benefits to some extent from its presence in Northern Nevada.

But we rather doubt that we benefit more than Lyon County, which is only going to be asked for $25,000. Or that we get the equivalent of 81 percent of the $55,000 each Carson and Storey are being asked for.

We don’t begrudge some support for the V&T. We understand and respect its place in Carson Valley history.

But a split that asks Washoe County, which is nine times larger than Douglas, for $70,000, smacks of being based on the ability to pay, not the benefit received.