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Radon’s a killer with a cure

R-C Editorial Board

Nevada started testing homes for radon and coming up with fixes for the problem more than a decade ago.

The idea, once upon a time, was to encourage builders to add a radon safety feature that basically consists of a PVC pipe running from the crawl space to the roof as homes were built.

That never came to fruition and now, if your house happens to have too high a radon count, you have to pay to retrofit it.

No, use crying over spilled radiation now. More than 2,000 homes have been tested in Douglas County, and nearly 41 percent of those turn out to have radon levels higher than those set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We could call for the county and state to implement laws requiring radon testing and mitigation, but we would far prefer that the market handle the issue.

No the call we would make would be for anyone selling a home in Douglas County to conduct a radon test. More importantly, anyone buying a home here should insist on the test as part of the purchase.

People have homes inspected for termites, mold, whether the roof leaks, so why on Earth wouldn’t they have the home checked for the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers?

The test is simple, and as was pointed out on Tuesday night, if the radon levels are low it becomes a selling point. For that matter, getting a radon problem fixed might also help sell a home when the time comes.