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R-C examines incorporation

Record Courier Staff Reports

In this issue, The Record-Courier makes its first attempt at an in-depth look at the issue of Indian Hills incorporation.

The stories presented in today’s issue will not, by a long shot, be the last to appear on the issue.

Hopefully, what they will be is an introduction to the topic and a single place for the residents of Indian Hills to gain information about what is going on in their community.

Arguments for and against incorporation will rage through the newspaper’s pages for the next two years before people get a chance to actually see the issue on a ballot.

Make no mistake, if the Legislature approves Indian Hills’ charter, and that is not a certainty, then the residents of the proposed city will be the ones to decide the issue and all it will take is simple majority.

Among the arguments against becoming a city include the possibility of higher taxes and another layer of bureaucracy.

Those in favor point out that there won’t be any more government then there is now and the taxes won’t go up.

The arguments in favor include home rule for a community that feels it has more in common with Carson City than Carson Valley.

This issue is so important, we at The Record-Courier have decided to give a copy of today’s edition to every home in Indian Hills.

For it will be the residents of that community who will ultimately decide whether there will be a city in Douglas County.