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Putting out fires important work

A new wildfire awareness campaign is spreading the word that One Less Spark One Less Wildfire.

According to federal firefighters, Nevada is on track for a new record-setting fire season, with 850,000 acres burned so far, well ahead of the half-million acres that burn on average.

Despite growing more than 1,500 acres a day to its current size, the Preacher Fire has not claimed any homes.

The nearly 300 firefighters working on the blaze have a lot to do with that, including 140 hand-crew members who are up close and personal with the flames in 90-degree-plus temperatures.

Firefighting is a dangerous business, and so far one firefighter has been reported receiving minor injuries in fighting the Preacher Fire. The area where the fire is burning is one of the most rugged and inaccessible in Douglas County. That means firefighters working on the ground are in the greatest danger of injury.

Thankfully, the Pine Nuts got a little rain on Tuesday, which will allow firefighters to get a line around the fire, but without constant attention, the Preacher Fire could rekindle and again become a threat to homes and residents.

We offer the thanks of a grateful community to firefighters battling the Preacher Fire. We ask our readers to be mindful of fire whether out in the wilderness or at home. Remember someone has to put out every fire someone starts.