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Put people to work

Crissy Lydic


Let’s face it – raising taxes and cutting government costs will not effectively reduce our historic national debt if we don’t boost the economy and put more Americans back to work.

The U.S. Senate should immediately disregard any proposed legislation that would work against those two primary objectives. One proposal that should be taken off the table is the call to target oil and gas companies with unfair tax increases. While it may be cloaked in terms such as close loopholes and end subsidies, the truth is that these tax increases would take away the same business tax deductions that every business claims, while providing subsidies and loopholes to other businesses that cannot deliver sufficient growth.

The energy sector remains one of the few bright spots in our economy. The recent discovery of vast natural gas reserves has the potential to give a boost to our economy – to pull these resources we would need exploration, production, pipelines and export terminals, all of which would result in thousands of new jobs.

I’ll be watching to see what position Nevada’s senators take on this issue. It’s a matter of economics and job growth – and every one of us should be in favor of both.