Protesting parade route change |

Protesting parade route change

Renee Harrington
The French Bar


This letter is in response to the Main Street Gardnerville’s request to light up my business to coincide with the Christmas Kickoff in Heritage Park, which will be the starting point for the Parade of Lights this year.

Along with the new starting point for the parade, there is also a new parade route this year. The parade will start at Heritage park, go up Gilman, turn right and head north on Highway 395. So any business that is on Highway 395 south of Gilman will no longer have the parade passing in front of it.

This effectively removes most of the oldest buildings with some of the longest running businesses in downtown Gardnerville from the parade route. My business is in one of those buildings. I spoke with The Town of Gardnerville and was told that the decision to change the route of the parade was made by the Town of Gardnerville, Main Street Gardnerville and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

I have been in business in Douglas County for more than 20 years, and feel that this decision, made without allowing for any input from businesses, and the customers it will affect, shows callous disregard. To bypass the historic downtown corridor of this great little town is shameful.

I will be decorating and putting up Christmas lights this year as I have done every year. I will, however, be turning my Christmas lights off for the kickoff and the Parade of Lights that we will not be seeing this year.