Proposal self-serving |

Proposal self-serving

The Sheridan Acres and already consolidated Jobs Peak residents want the East and West Valley water systems to consolidate their water systems with them to subsidize the Sheridan Acres/Jobs Peak water rates.

This is the very issue where more than 1,000 signatures were presented to the Board of Commissioners opposing consolidation of the widely different quality water systems of Douglas County.

The consolidation will not provide any interconnections to enhance the water delivery but will only spread the costs of the dysfunctional systems to the others.

If Sheridan Acres wants to reduce their water costs by consolidation, what will they offer to those whose sewer rates are projected to increase to $89 a month? Their proposal is a one way street for personal benefit.

The proposal to consolidate the Sheridan Acres and Jobs Peak Enterprise Fund (they are already consolidated) into one Valley Enterprise Fund is a self serving proposal at the cost of the East and West Valley users. It is unfair, counter productive and circumvents the N.R.S. definition of an Enterprise Fund.Stuart Posselt

East Valley