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Promote small business

Most of the –ests around Thanksgiving have been demoted.

The day before Thanksgiving isn’t even in the top 10 of actual busiest travel days, with any summer claiming most of those, according to AAA.

With Black Friday moving into Thanksgiving for most box stores, even the honor of getting up at 3 a.m. to stand in line in the cold is losing its edge.

Small Business Saturday, on the other hand, remains on the list of busiest shopping days.

That’s something that makes us happy.

We know that shops run by Carson Valley residents are critical to our healthy economy.

Not only do they support our enterprise here at The Record-Courier, but they support a wealth of local causes, service clubs, and charities.

Our local businesses do so much for our community, and that brings community back to them.

Small Business Saturday was started in 2010, and is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The idea behind the day is to support local and small businesses, and is a counter to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But Small business Saturday is just one day out of the year. And while generally a profitable one, the month before Christmas is just one month out of the year.

To survive and thrive, our local shopkeepers need our patronage 365 days, 12 months a year.

With that support, they can continue to help shape our community’s economy.