Progress made but questions remain for ruhenstroth entrance |

Progress made but questions remain for ruhenstroth entrance

Record Courier Staff Reports

Regarding the placement of a new sign at the entrance of Ruhenstroth, we unfortunately have not heard from the owners of the property on the north and south side of Palomino Lane at the intersection of Highway 395. Hopefully, we will have a definitive answer, or at least a direction, by March 4.

While we are on this subject, is there an attorney in our neighborhood that would be willing to help with legal questions regarding the sign? Please contact me if you are interested in providing legal counsel and what fees you would charge. Also, if you know of an attorney that would be willing to help, please let me know.

I have been reviewing the emails and messages received over the last couple of months and have noticed a common thread relating the current subject matter to the recurring subjects that have come up since this column began in February 2002.

Since they come from all corners of our neighborhood, I thought we should revisit them periodically.

First, the subject of barking dogs is a common concern. I believe this is not just limited to our ‘neck of the woods.’

It seems to be in every neighborhood in every town or city in this country and even in the whole world, I would imagine. Please be a good neighbor, as well as a responsible pet owner, and reduce the unnecessary barking. You know the kind; barking at neighboring pets that are there all the time or even at the neighbors that are walking in their own yard. It takes an effort on the part of the pet owner, but it is as much a responsibility as not letting them bite.

Second, the subject of outside lighting – more specifically the all night kind such as mercury vapor/street light types – is commented on quite often. I think some people believe that these lights deter crime. I think just the opposite. Why? Because most people have trees, shrubbery or other similar ‘hiding’ places around their home. With the light on, it would be real easy to get in without attracting much attention.

On the other hand, if your house is dark and someone is seen walking around with a flashlight, that would be much more noticeable.

That just addresses the safety concern. There are many more personal concerns regarding the obtrusive lights and those have to do with appreciating the beautiful, starlit sky.

The third concern is a direct result of our explosive growth in recent years; it’s vandalism. I am saddened that this by-product of growth has invaded us. Please be a good neigbhor and stay observant of strangers.

It is the only way we can protect ourselves.

Have a Ramblin Good Week!

— Gail Davis can be reached with news and announcements by e-mail at HilltopRanch