Problem solved |

Problem solved

Ken Payne, Sparks


I wish at this time to publicly thank Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick for his effort in solving a “problem” that just a short time ago seemed almost insurmountable. I have for 13 years struggled with various California bureaucracies, and despite national as well as international media attention, the California legislature was unable to completely remedy the situation. This caused me to relocate to Nevada where I again sought a resolution. After various attempts, I was directed to Assemblyman Hettrick.

Assemblyman Hettrick got involved, and within a month, the “problem” has been solved. It is not an exaggeration to say that words fail to express the depth of my gratitude, for my life has surely been changed. In fact, all my contacts with state officials have been very positive.

In these times when there is often justifiable criticism and even cynicism about politicians and bureaucrats, it is reassuring that such people are still in government. Although I’ve never met Assemblyman Hettrick, through several phone conversations, I’ve come to appreciate and respect the man. I’ve no idea of Assemblyman Hettrick’s ambitions, but surely the people of Nevada would be well served if he held higher office.