Primary brings closure |

Primary brings closure

If the Coverley campaign was a football team, we would say they were very good at moving the ball, had a strong defensive line and never let a flag go unchallenged.

Sheriff’s Capt. Dan Coverley not only played football for the Douglas Tigers, but his dad coached the team. We saw some of that competitive spirit over the campaign’s past months, and believe that it had a lot to do with his winning the race in the primary.

More interesting to us is the split decision in the county commission race.

Wes Rice won his primary by 452 votes while commission Chairman Steve Thaler lost his by 434 votes.

Both men shared similar campaign platforms, including affordable housing and support for the Tahoe redevelopment district.

But the news during the last year of Thaler’s term was not conducive to someone winning re-election.

People get mad at the county for a lot of reasons, but there were a lot of extra troubles over the past year that could not have helped Thaler’s election chances.

Stories that broke over the last year included the Tiregate thefts, the grand jury report, the long county employee contract, the struggle over local roads and approval of multi-family housing in several locations.

And elected leaders often get praise or blame for things that may not have anything to do with anything they did. We feel Thaler got some of that and maybe a little extra. Just 220 votes the other way, and we’d have seen a different outcome.