Prevent the spread of West Nile Virus |

Prevent the spread of West Nile Virus

As if the potential for flooding wasn’t enough, this record wet year will likely contribute to the chances of contagion, thanks to breeding mosquitoes.

It has been a dozen years since West Nile Virus arrived in Carson Valley. Spread by a variety of mosquitoes, there’s only two ways to keep from getting the disease — avoid getting bit and eliminate places where mosquitoes can breed.

West Nile virus has widely differing symptoms ranging from flu-like symptoms to deadly meningitis.

Since there’s no inoculation available for the virus, and the effects can be so serious, the only way to keep from becoming seriously ill is to avoid being bitten.

Putting on mosquito spray when outside is a key way to prevent the danger.

Another way is to make sure to empty any places that attract rain or irrigation water to reduce the places mosquitoes can breed.

The west side of Carson Valley is rife with wet spots, and typically is where mosquitoes crop up.

We know that the Douglas County Mosquito District is going to work to spray those areas to reduce mosquito populations, but sometimes that’s just not going to be enough.

We’re pleased to hear that Douglas High School students are raising mosquitofish to fight the menace. That sort of initiative is how we’ll overcome this pestilence from now into the future.