Please slow down |

Please slow down


To the person in Johnson Lane who killed our cat today.

As a long-time Johnson Lane resident whose children have grown up and graduated from school here, my wife and I have been battling the people who speed up and down our streets for several years now. You would think in rural Nevada a person could be safe walking along the street. Heck when we first moved to the area close to 20 years ago, people use to wave at you when they drove by, and they would slow down as they approached if you were on horseback. But that seemed to change over time.

For instance, when my daughter was little and would want to ride her bike up and down the street (there are no sidewalks in Johnson Lane), and I or my wife could not stand out there with her, I would have our German Shepherd run up and down the street with her. Why you might ask? Because of the inconsiderate fools who would speed up and own our streets and the fact our dog was very protective of “her girl.” I have stood in the street and yelled at them to slow down at other times, but to no avail.

This has caused many of us in the neighborhood to lament that these people did not care whether they ran down a child or a beloved pet, unless it was theirs. Well, it happened today. A thoughtful neighbor called to tell us that one of our loved cats was dead in front of my home. Thank God it wasn’t a child, but it could easily have been one. So now we have a cat burial to attend to, some grief for the family to work through, and I am thinking of the future when my grandchildren will be visiting. I fear I might take more drastic action than yelling should one of these yahoos drive by in our 25 mph residential zone going 40 in the future.

So if you drive up or down Jones or Wade Street in Johnson Lane, I highly recommend you slow down because you may find an extremely cranky and hostile resident standing in the road to greet you in a not too friendly manner. As Albert Finney said in the movie “Network,” “I am mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.” You have been fairly warned. It is time to get your head out of your butt and show others common courtesy.

In closing, if you are the person who ran down our pet on Palm Sunday, please stop by my house and tell my grieving wife how sorry you are and that you will be more careful in the future. Man up! You know where we live.

Stephen Theriault

Johnson Lan