Pine Nut Mountains reveal ancient fossils |

Pine Nut Mountains reveal ancient fossils

Record Courier Staff Reports

by Linda Monohan

Fish Springs Flyer

The nearby Pine Nut Mountains are a popular recreation area for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Last year the Bureau of Land Management made an emergency closure in some areas of the Pine Nut Mountains where ancient fossils were discovered.

Right now there are 10 known sites where some fairly rare extinct fossils have been found. Besides a 3-million-year-old mastodon, a giant beaver, a sloth, rodents and a camel-like creature have been located.

These animals lived and died along the banks of an ancient river and their fossilized remains have been uncovered by erosion.

Many of the fossils were located in a popular play area for off-road motor vehicles. By closing off that area, the dirt bikes and quads have now moved over to the area around Gold Bug Mine.

The BLM is now doing inventories of roads and trails that the paleontologists have identified as areas containing probable fossils. These specific areas are restricted to all motorized vehicles. Major dirt roads through the area will remain open.

The Pine Nut Mountain Trails Association is making signs that will identify the different routes for the multiple use of the land. There may be different staging areas for the different users, such as motorcycles, quads, four-wheel vehicles, horse riders, bicycle riders and hikers.

Hikers can go anywhere in the area. Motorized travel is limited to designated trails and routes. People must stay on posted routes – no cross-country travel. The signs will be easily seen but not obtrusive. There are certain soil types where fossils exist and the goal is to focus on the areas most probable to contain them and to protect that area from further erosion by motorized vehicles.

Little tree makes great pies

Lemon Meringue pie Ð umm, so good. Today was the day. Jenee, our 5-year-old granddaughter, did most of the work. I set out the measuring cups, spoons, mixer and rolling pin. That was the most fun for her, rolling out the pie crust. She did it so many times that the crust was tough. We liked it that way, but there was flour all over the counter.

She also enjoyed squeezing all the juice out of the lemons and beating the egg whites into a meringue with stiff peaks. Way to go Jenee! Now I’m going to teach her how to clean up the kitchen.

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