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Pick a bypass, any bypass

It doesn’t surprise us that building a freeway through Carson Valley will be expensive and unpopular. A few hundred extra vehicle trips a day from a project is enough to mobilize an entire neighborhood, imagine what a couple of thousand trips a day would do.

A draft report on potential Interstate 11 corridors says the Carson Valley option received a high level of negative public sentiment, with residents expressing concern that the western Nevada corridor is already too congested.

That, and cost, and the fact it would actually add an hour to the present time required to drive from Las Vegas to Reno, make it unlikely anyone’s building a freeway through Carson Valley any time soon.

We’re a dozen years out from the end date of the Highway 395 southern corridor study, which is supposed to bring six lanes and interchanges to the main route between Carson and Minden by 2030.

We suspect it will be a long time after the Highway 395-50 interchange is built in Carson City that we see one in Carson Valley, much less anything resembling a freeway.

County commissioners toured the route of Muller Lane Parkway, which they’re supposed to discuss on Thursday.

While not much of a bypass around the towns, it could one day provide a valuable route for residents living in housing projects that are already approved along its route.