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‘Perfect Wedding’ perfectly wonderful


I am writing to share a wonderful time about 100 people had on Sept. 17 watching “Perfect Wedding” at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

After the play, there was a fabulous champagne gala event, which included, of course champagne and beautifully set up black and white tables filled with desserts and hot dishes.

The cast in the very funny play are to be commended. There was so much laughter and clapping. A standing ovation went on and on at the end of the play. It was a real door-slamming, continually funny play.

The set producer did an amazing job of creating an upscale New England hotel suite where the wedding party interacts just before the wedding is supposed to take place. There is great detail on the walls, extended stage and doors that makes this play have the perfect setting.

Everyone should come and enjoy this very funny play. It will be this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the CVIC Hall downtown Minden.

Sharon Burghardt