People just trying to make trouble |

People just trying to make trouble


There was a lot of craziness in the last few weeks around Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s so called ‘slavery’ remark and I wanted to say how much I admired the way he responded to it. He made a statement and then went back to doing what he’s supposed to do: work his job and live his life.

It’s not supposed to be his whole job to deal with the media. It should be clear to most people that the media loves nothing more than creating controversies to get attention. And I also don’t see why he has to spend his time dealing with disgruntled opponents who appear to have nothing better to do than challenge his politics and his personal life. Anyone who interpreted Jim’s comment in any other way than the most extreme example he could ever imagine, well, they are either not very smart or trying to make trouble. I admire Jim Wheeler for saying what he said.

Unlike a lot of candidates he hasn’t decided, since he was elected, that he’s now smarter than we were when we voted for him.

Karen Brier