Paying to play best way |

Paying to play best way

Brenda Robertson serves a hot dog to Mindi Roach, 18, of Gardnerville on Saturday at the grand opening of the Douglas County Community and Senior Center.
Brad Coman |

While Community & Senior Center Foundation Chairman Bob Cook was making a pitch for $10,000 on Saturday, someone ran up to him with a $20 bill.

Cook said he had a pocket full of checks he’d received during the day as donations came in from all over.

While open, the center is a long way from being complete. That work will continue for another decade as those who use the facility contribute to its improvement.

From the beginning, Community Services Director Scott Morgan has said the county’s obligation was to build the structure and that it was up to the users to fill in the blanks.

That process resulted in $1.1 million in donations, not counting those received on Saturday.

But there’s more still to do. Cook said they are raising money for an emergency generator so the center can fulfill it’s designation as an emergency center.

There’s the climbing wall and other recreation related items still to raise money for and purchase.

Classes held at the center will be provided for by private experts, whose students will pay the cost for the instructor and the space.

Those who use the center will bear most of the cost for making it a true part of the community. That will keep the annual cost for maintenance and operation down for those county taxpayers who don’t use it. And like the center itself, that’s a gift that will also keep on giving.