Paying this new tax |

Paying this new tax

Chris Weatherbee


So, the Supreme Court has decided that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional. I’m not going to go into whether I support President Obama, or Mr. Romney, or whether I am a Democrat or Republican.

I just want to put forth my personal scenario to you. I make $12.50 an hour and work 25 hours a week, which comes to $312.50 per week. That comes to about $1,050 after taxes. I pay $500 per month for rent, and $275 a month for child support, which comes out of my check. That leaves me $275 a month to cover food, utilities, and any other expenses that come up. My question is this.

How can I afford the government’s “affordable” health care?

I won’t even be able to afford the tax (pronounced “penalty”) that the government has declared it will impose upon me. What do the supporters of this plan suggest that I don’t pay? My rent?

That will leave me homeless, and on the dole of the state. My child support? That will leave me in jail. I agree that the system is broke. But to pass this burden on to the people is wrong. No matter how sweetly it is presented, this Act is going to penalize the poor, and the insurance industry will become richer.

Thank you to the Congress, the Supreme Court, and all of the well-meaning people who supported this without even reading the bill.