Paying lots of money for this |

Paying lots of money for this

Bill Broquist
Carson Valley


The recent university/college tragedies and the attendant public behavior of their employees are very sad indeed. The pedophilia charges at Pennsylvania State University and hazing/death events at Florida A&M University focus our thoughts on the awful actions we seem to be allowing at many of our places of higher learning.

More intangible concepts such as honor, ethics and social morality seem to be abstractions to many of these education bureaucrats. How can a string of PSU employees, mature, well-educated, tell the world they just followed the rules and besides the coach in question seemed like such a nice guy?

The FAMU people apparently have looked the other way for years regarding hazing that causes physical and mental damage to band students. Now a young man has died and they fire the band leader, then reinstate him on administrative leave with full pay. If the top 2 or 3 managers at this college had any shame, they would fire themselves. But of course they would leave with a large bag of retirement gold that most folks only dream about.

We think of our kids moving into a college setting to improve their lives, develop independence, learn working skills, obtain advanced training in science, medicine, teaching, and liberal arts and, hopefully, the ability for occasional critical thinking.

We fondly think of college professors as somewhat frumpy, always on-our-cases, but of kindly hearts toward learning in their classrooms. Instead we have multi-million dollar businesses run by education bureaucrats. Most of these educators worry more about tenure and getting published than they do about providing the very basics that they were hired to perform – teaching our kids.

Here in Northern Nevada, at UNR, the top 10 salaries for employees range from 400K to1.3 million. Many of those positions are listed as “assistant professors.” What in the world does an assistant professor do to warrant that kind of money? We need to recognize these big-businesses for just what they are. Most analyses of costs show college tuition increasing at two to three times faster than inflation (can you say “golden parachutes”).

As egregious as these events are, they pale when you realize that many of these so-called professors are indoctrinating (not teaching) our young people with secular-progressive propaganda about the USA free market economic system. They espouse that somehow most of today’s problems are because of evil corporations and rich folks.

Prospective college attendees and their parents need to be more demanding of these businesses offering education training.