Parkway has had a long, winding path |

Parkway has had a long, winding path

It will be almost a quarter century on the dot since Douglas County commissioners voted to move Muller Lane Parkway closer to Minden and Gardnerville.

At a September 1994 meeting, commissioners took a look at the alignment of the roadway and decided to bring it closer to the towns.

That decision sparked considerable conflict with the planning commission and the consultant hired to work on the master plan.

It was also the year that a developer proposed putting 8,500 units on the property currently proposed for 2,500. No one was biting at that proposal, any more than they bit at the 5,000-unit proposal made roughly a decade ago.

Most of the work being done around the Valley now has been on properties slated for development for decades.

While the Pegram property was originally approved for a casino and giant shopping center, that was changed two years ago to homes and apartments.

We agree that the approval of receiving area on the 1,044 acres north of Minden and Gardnerville won’t suddenly result in a huge housing division.

There is an approved subdivision located south of the Gardnerville Ranchos, that has been on the books for more than a dozen years, but that has yet to come to fruition.

But among the most virulent opponents to this and other approvals are those who emigrated from the Golden State, where every time they turned around there was another development chewing up the landscape.

A drive into the western Sierra foothills shows some of the biggest changes in the landscape since gold miners used hydraulic hoses to take giant bites out of the mountainside.

Those folks are fighting to try and keep Carson Valley looking something like the brochure, and that’s not a bad thing.